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Health Coach

Anisha, our dedicated certified health coach works closely with our physicians to create personalized long-term health plans to meet your health goals. Her expertise in Functional and Integrative Medicine, empowers patients dealing with a wide range of chronic conditions including inflammation, chronic pain, chronic fatigue, cardiometabolic health, digestive issues, nutrition deficiencies, and among other conditions. Many of our patients see improvement in their symptoms by combining lifestyle modifications with traditional medicine — our collaborative care approach with equal physician involvement is a distinguishing feature of our practice. Every decision is supervised and approved by the patient’s following physician, ensuring that the steps taken in the field of lifestyle medicine work in concert with the recommendations of the practitioners and patient’s goals.

Anisha’s approach to root cause medicine revolves around lifestyle modifications, utilizing specialized food plans developed by the world-renowned physicians from the Institute of Functional Medicine. From elimination and detoxification strategies, to identifying and eliminating trigger foods, helping educate patients and teaching them to advocate for themselves is one of her biggest goals. Additionally, she provides support in stress management through techniques such as breath work, sleep hygiene, and exercise. Anisha is also certified with the CDC’s Diabetes Prevention Program, enabling her to assist patients in preventing and managing Type 2 Diabetes. She also utilizes various neuromodulation devices, glucose monitoring sensor, and other tools to enhance the care.

Innovative functional testing through specialty labs, addressing nutritional biomarkers, inflammatory food sensitivities, digestive function, among other tools are offered. We prioritize accessibility by billing services to insurance. Your services are covered based on your insurance coverage.

You define your idea of “optimal” health and Anisha will listen, advocate, and guide you while providing educational resources while you sit in the “driver’s seat” to make lifestyle changes for a healthier tomorrow.